Viljandi Town Library Rules


This Regulation is adopted pursuant to § 16 and § 17 of the Public Libraries Act, § 22 (1) 37) of the Local Government Organisation Act, § 12 (1) of Regulation No 9 of the Minister of Culture of 12 July 2004 on the guidelines for the organisation of work of a public library, and the Personal Data Protection Act.


§ 1. General provisions

(1) These Rules for the use of the Viljandi Town Library (the Library) establish the organisation of services of the Library as well as the rights, obligations and liability of users.

(2) Users of the Library are obliged to comply with the Library Rules.

(3) The Library provides basic services free of charge and special services for consideration.

(4) The Library uses video surveillance.

(5) The Library uses an electronic surveillance system to protect the Library's items (an item means any physical object on which information is recorded).

(6) Proposals and opinions may be submitted in writing to the information desk, sent by e-mail or submitted by phone.


§ 2. Registering as a reader

(1) To register as a reader, individuals should present a form of identification with photograph at the information desk or they can register at the Library's website. Individuals are required to provide the following information at registration: name and surname, personal identification code, address, telephone number and e-mail address as well as name of school (applies only to students).

(2) During registration individuals can choose which document they prefer to use for identification as a reader – their ID card or an electronic library card (a library card).

(3) Lending one's library card to another person is forbidden.

(4) Children under 14 years of age are registered as readers based on an identification document and a written application of their legal guardian. At the age of 18, such readers are required to fill out a reader form.

(5) When registering as a reader, individuals should read the Library Rules and confirm by signature that they agree to comply with the Rules and are aware of the use of their personal data in accordance with relevant legislation.

(6) At request, readers are issued a user name and a password for self-service environment available at

(7) During the first visit of each calendar year all users need to renew their registration in the Library or through self-service to renew their take-home rights.


§ 3. Use of reader data

(1) All readers are registered in the Library's database.

(2) The data entered in the database are used for the purpose of providing the Library's services, conducting statistical analyses, sending reminders and notifications and transferring claims to a debt collection agency.

(3) The reader database is intended for internal use by the Library staff who have the right to use the data. In other cases, access to the data is provided in accordance with the procedure established by the applicable legislation.

(4) A reader's data are deleted from the Library database if the reader has not used the Library's services for a period of three years. The data of debtors are not deleted.


§ 4. Services and using the services

(1) Free of charge basic services include using items in the Library, borrowing the items for taking home, access to public information and advice on the Library's services.

(2) Using the items in the Library

1) All visitors have the right to use the items in the Library.

2) Readers may take books from open shelves and use them in the reading room in the Library.

3) Any items not available in the Library or their copies can be ordered from other Estonian libraries via interlibrary lending service. Readers are required to pay the interlibrary lending costs based on applicable tariffs.

4) Visitors' information requests are replied to either in the Library, by phone or e-mail.

5) Readers can use electronic databases, card catalogues, reference books, etc.

6) Audio-visual items may be used in the Library's video room.

(3) Borrowing the items for taking home

1) Items may be borrowed for taking home based by producing a library card or an ID card.

2) When borrowing items for taking home, readers may request a printout of the list of items borrowed together with the return deadline. Readers are required to check the correctness of the printout at site.

3) A total number of items that can be borrowed for taking home from all departments (excluding items used at site):

a)10 books for 14 days

b) 5 magazines/newspapers for 3 days

c) 5 CDs for 14 days

d) 3 DVDs for 3 days

4) A reader is sent a reminder by e-mail before the expiry of the deadline and a notification concerning overdue items after the expiry of the deadline.

5) Readers who do not have an e-mail address and have long overdue items (more than six months) are sent a reminder by post.

6) Readers may book items via the Library's self-service environment Bookings are valid for three working days. Readers may register in the waiting list for the more popular items. Readers are notified by telephone or e-mail when the item becomes available.

7) Items can be renewed for an extra period unless there is a waiting list. Items can be renewed up to ten times via self-service, by sending an e-mail to, in the Library or by phone. Overdue items for which there is a waiting list are not renewed.

8) Readers who have overdue items and/or outstanding charges may not borrow any other items.

9) In accordance with the Public Libraries Act, a deposit may be required from a reader upon home lending of an item if the residence of the reader as entered in the population register is outside Viljandi County (except for students at the University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy, Viljandi Vocational Training Centre and Viljandi High School) or this is necessary due to the value of the item. The procedure for the taking and returning of deposit is established by the Town Government.

10) Users whose borrowing rights have been suspended may not borrow any items.

(4) Special services for considerations include making copies (in compliance with the Copyright Act), printing, scanning, interlibrary loans, renting individual work rooms and the video room.

(5) Further information on the services and items offered by the Library is available at the Library's website at and may be requested from social media, from the Library staff and by phone.

(6) The Library organises reader training events, awareness events concerning library databases and new titles, library hours, training events on digital literacy, etc.

(7) Readers who are not able to visit the Library due to health reasons may request the home delivery service which is free of charge. The terms and conditions of home delivery service are established by the director of the Library.


§ 5. Using public Internet access point

(1) The public Internet access point is located on the ground floor of the Library.

1) All individuals from the age of 14 years may use the public Internet access point.

2) A prerequisite for using the public Internet access point are basic computer and internet skills.

3) To use the public Internet access point, visitors are required to present an identification with photograph and read the Library Rules.

4) Visitors may use a computer at the public Internet access point free of charge for up to two hours per day.

5) Each computer may be used by one user at a time.

6) Printing is a paid service. Printing must be authorised by the Library staff.

7) Visitors will observe good practices of using the Internet. The Library is not liable for any actions performed by visitors on the Internet. Users will be liable for their actions.

8) Visitors will use the public Internet access facilities in a prudent way. Any damage caused must be compensated to the Library.

(2) Using the computers at the public Internet access point

1) Users may use an ID card reader.

2) Data may be stored only in a catalogue designated by the Library staff.

3) The Library staff should be immediately notified of any problems in using a computer.

4) After finishing using the computer the visitor may not switch the computer off; however, visitors are required to log out of the working environment by clicking on the ‘Logout' button.

5) It is forbidden to:

a) use personal data carriers without the Library staff's authorisation;

b) install any programmes on the computer without the Library staff's authorisation;

c) play computer games;

d) use inappropriate materials, visit paid sites, porn sites, etc.;

e) switch the computer on and off;

f) eat, drink, use mobile phone and disturb other visitors;


§ 6. Internal rules of the Library

(1) Internal rules are applicable on the premises of the Library.

(2) Lockable lockers are available to visitors to store their coats and large bags. The lockers are emptied every night. The Library is not liable for any items left in a locker.

(3) The Library is not responsible for the security of any possessions left unattended.

(4) Damaged or lost keys will incur a replacement charge based on the applicable price list.

(5) Please contact the Library staff for permission to film or take photos in the Library.

(6) Visitors are forbidden to disturb public order in any manner. It is forbidden to use mobile phone or hold video calls or conferences in the library reading rooms. The Library staff has the right to refuse providing services to any visitor disturbing public order and to ask the visitor to leave the library.

(7) The Library has the right to refuse entry to any person with symptoms of diseases, any person who is or appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or wears soiled clothes; bicycles, roller skates, dangerous substances and pets or animals of any nature are not allowed on the premises.

(8) It is forbidden to consume alcoholic drinks on the premises of the Library.

(9) In the case infringement of internal rules the staff have the right to interfere and to call the police if necessary.


§ 7. Responsibilities and liability of readers

(1) Readers are obliged to comply with the Library Rules.

(2) Readers are responsible for the items borrowed and any technical devices or equipment provided for their use. Any damage caused must be compensated to the Library.

(3) Borrowed items may not be passed on or lent to other persons.

(4) Readers must notify the Library of any change in their personal details by notifying the information desk or changing the information in the self-service environment.

(5) Readers must notify the Library of the loss of their library card.

(6) The Library charges a fine for overdue items, to be calculated per day of delay in returning an item. The amount of fine is approved by the town government.

(7) Readers are required to replace any lost, damaged, or unreturned items or pay the price of the item in accordance with the procedure established by law. The amount of compensation is decided by the Library staff on a case-by-case basis.

(8) Legal guardians bear liability for any damage caused by a minor.

(9) A reader is not required to compensate for an item or library card that is stolen or destroyed by fire or an event of force majeure, provided that the reader provides an official proof of such event.


§ 8. Final provisions

(1) To repeal Regulation No 160 of Viljandi Town Council of 29 May 2013 „Rules of Viljandi Town Library ".

(2) This Regulation shall enter into force on the third day following its publication in the Official Journal of the Republic of Estonia (Riigi Teataja).


Viljandi Town Library Rules are approved with Viljandi Town Council regulation no 87 of 29 October 2020.